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AC Repair in Folly Beach, SC

AC Repair Folly Beach, SC

There's nothing quite like a South Carolina summer. On any given day, you can enjoy lazy days near the beaches in Folly Beach, memorable outdoor activities with friends, and barbeque sessions that last well into the evening. While South Carolina is known for its beauty, outdoor temperatures begin to heat up in April and, by July, can reach over 100 degrees.

Having a reliable air conditioning system to keep your family cool and comfortable in the summer is a must. Unfortunately, AC systems often require repairs when you need them most. In these situations, you need AC repair in Folly Beach, SC, as soon as possible. That's where Atlantis Heating & Air swoops in to save the day with efficient service, effective repairs, and outstanding customer service.

Service Areas

The Atlantis Heating & Air Difference

When your A/C unit needs repairing, you're probably looking for a trustworthy company with highly-trained technicians, cost-conscious pricing, and unwavering commitment to you - the client.

As a family-operated AC repair company in South Carolina, Atlantis Heating & Air provides that and more. Our highest priority is to do what's best for our customers - no questions asked. By giving our clients honest evaluations, reasonable pricing, and access to AC repair experts, we gain customers for life. We find this approach to be much better than recommending unneeded repairs, charging outrageous prices, or constantly trying to sell you a product.

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At the end of the day, our goal is to make it simple to live comfortably in your home, no matter the month. To achieve that goal, we provide a wide range of A/C repair services:

  • AC Refrigerant Leaks
  • Failed Blower Motor Repair
  • AC Capacitor Repair
  • Clogged Drain Line Repair
  • AC Compressor Repair
  • Evaporator Coil Repair
  • Condenser Coil Repair
  • Clogged or Dirty AC Filter Replacement
  • Much More

What are the Signs You Need AC Repair in Folly Beach, SC?

While modern AC units are built to withstand outdoor conditions and years of everyday use, like most machines, repairs are needed eventually. According to a recent poll conducted by Consumer Affairs, air conditioning was reported as the second-most needed home repair in the U.S., just after plumbing systems.

To keep your AC system going strong and to minimize major repairs and HVAC replacements, keep an eye on the following signs.

AC Cycles

Never-Ending AC Cycles

Your AC unit's cooling cycles should come on at relatively routine times. Sure, you can expect your A/C to kick on more often during the hottest months of the year. But if you find that it's cycling on and off all the time, something is probably wrong. If you hear frequent cycles, contact Atlantis today so our team can diagnose your problem. Routine maintenance or a simple AC tune-up may be all you need.

Water Leakage

Water Leakage from AC Unit

When warm air blows over your unit's evaporator coil, it cools down and forms condensation, which you often see on the ground around your unit. This is normal. However, if your condensation drain line is damaged or broken, it can lead to serious water leaks that must be dealt with professionally.

Room Temperatures

Different Room Temperatures

To keep the temperatures in your home uniform, keep your vents open, unobstructed, and clean. Be forewarned, though - if the insulation in your home is poor or you have ductwork in disrepair, opening vents probably won't help much. If you find that to be the case, call Atlantis Heating & Air ASAP so we can get to the bottom of your temperature fluctuations.

Nasty Odors

Nasty Odors

If you smell unpleasant odors and think they are coming from your air conditioning unit, you need to fix the problem before it gets worse. Fortunately, a quick diagnostic test from a professional can tell if your air conditioning system requires a complete tune-up, replacement, and cleaning or if your cooling system needs a further technical overhaul. Ultraviolet (UV) lights can do wonders for killing microbial growth in air conditioning systems. Contact Atlantis Heating & Air to learn more about how our AC experts can eliminate gross odors with AC repair in Folly Beach, SC.

Warm Air

Warm Air Instead of Cold

Have you ever been sitting in your living room during a hot South Carolina summer and noticed that your air return vents are pumping out hot air? You aren't alone - this is a common problem that Atlantis AC technicians have seen a thousand times. Despite our experience, we know that these instances can vary. Sometimes, an air filter chance is all you need to remediate the problem. In other circumstances, warm air blowing instead of cold can be a more complex issue. Our team of highly-trained technicians has the tools and repair strategies needed to diagnose and repair these problems, so a replacement isn't needed.

Freezes Over

AC Unit Freezes Over

Have you noticed that your AC unit's evaporator coil is freezing over during the summer months? This is most often caused by low refrigerant levels, a clogged filter, or poor airflow. Regardless of the cause, Atlantis Heating & Air has a cost-conscious solution to frozen evaporator coils.


Atlantis Heating & Air Pro Tip

If your evaporator coils aren't clean, take some time to clean them. Your coils won't transfer heat correctly when covered with debris and dirt. Dirty coils can lead to all kinds of problems, from higher energy consumption to the system overheating and the compressor failing.

Are These AC Unit Noises Normal?

It doesn't have to be the Halloween season to hear scary sounds coming out of your home's AC unit. If your air conditioner seems like it's possessed, chances are it's trying to tell you it might need maintenance or repair. Keep your ears perked for these common noises that may mean you need AC repair in Folly Beach, SC.

Hissing Noises

If you hear a hissing noise coming from your AC unit, it's probably not coming from a rattlesnake. Most likely, the hissing you're hearing is due to an AC leak. Though usually small, AC leaks can lead to many costly problems that ultimately shorten the lifespan of your HVAC unit. If left unchecked, a leak may lead to full AC replacement. Rather than going that route, contact Atlantis Heating & Air for an inspection. Our technicians will thoroughly examine your unit to spot the leak and make the necessary repairs, so you can carry on with your life.

Banging Noises

Banging noises coming from your AC unit can be disconcerting. If you hear banging noises, you're right to be worried - these sounds can mean a few things, but the typical culprit is a loose spring, screw, or bolt within your unit. In other, more unfortunate circumstances, these noises could mean you're dealing with a broken AC blower or motor. To find out what's going on, it's always best to work with a certified, licensed professional specializing in air conditioning repair.

Screeching Noises

A screeching or high-pitched squealing noise can be downright scary in the middle of the night. If you hear this noise in the summertime, though, chances are it's your AC unit telling you the fan belt is worn out or loose. Alternatively, this noise could mean you have a broken or malfunctioning motor.

What Do I Do If My AC Unit Won't Turn On?

When hot summer temperatures are in full swing in South Carolina, most residents turn to their air conditioners to cool down and relax. Could you imagine coming home from a hard day's work in the middle of July, only to find your house is hotter inside than it is outside? When your A/C unit doesn't turn on, it's not just a matter of sweaty inconvenience - it's a matter of health and safety. Without reliable cool air to keep your house comfortable, you could suffer from heat exhaustion or worse.

So, if your air conditioning unit won't turn on, what should you do? Consider these helpful troubleshooting tricks:

  • Ensure Your Thermostat is on Cool
  • Check Your Circuit Breaker Panel for Trips
  • Check Your System's Power Switches
  • See if Air Filter is Dirty or Clogged
  • Remove Any Dirt and Debris from Outside

Have you tried these tips and tricks with little or no success? It might be time to bring in the pros. contacting a trustworthy HVAC maintenance company like Atlantis for AC repair in Folly Beach, SC, is often the quickest and most effective way to fix a malfunctioning air conditioner.

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Try These Tips to Save Money and Energy

Summers in South Carolina mean rising temperatures and, by proxy, higher electric bills. If you're like us, you don't want to pay any more than you have to. Fortunately, at Atlantis Heating & Air, we know a thing or two about saving energy. Try these easy tips and tricks to save money and energy this summer.

Protect Your AC Unit

While your HVAC unit is built to be outside, constant sun exposure shortens its lifespan and ability to function optimally. Consider installing an awning or planting a tree or bush near your unit to give it shade from the sun. Keep in mind, though, that trees and bushes shed leaves and other debris that can clog your unit. Be sure to select a bush or tree that doesn't shed much.

Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats give you complete control of your HVAC unit, even when you're not home. This allows you to set a schedule that accounts for your usage habits to reduce unnecessary AC power use. For example, if the whole family is away from home all day, your thermostat raises the temperature and only starts to lower it when people get home. You can save a lot of energy by not turning on the AC power when no one is in the house.

Think About Replacing Your Unit

At first glance, the cost of replacing an A/C system might seem incredibly expensive. However, if your hardware is older, the ROI you get on a new unit may happen quicker than you think.

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How Do I Know When It's Time to Replace My AC Unit?

Your HVAC system is one of the most expensive and important appliances in your house, so it's important to make sure it's running well. A poorly functioning HVAC system can drive up utility costs and cause you to spend money on repairs. While minor repairs are commonplace, it's wise to think about how often your unit needs repairs and how serious they seem. If AC repair in Folly Beach, SC, has run its course, it may be time to replace your AC unit. Here are some of the most common signs that it's time to do so.

Your AC System Runs Longer and More Often

An old and exhausted system takes longer to reach the intended temperature because it has to work harder than a new system. After several years of use, coils and motors can no longer operate at full capacity. They often take longer to produce desired temperatures and may not be able to circulate air as efficiently or effectively. Occasionally, replacing individual parts may extend the system's life; however, if you notice difficulty reaching certain temperatures or an increase in running time, it may be time to replace the system entirely.

You're Paying for Frequent Repairs or Replacements

No matter the quality or how much you pay for your A/C unit, it's going to need maintenance and repairs from time to time. The parts that make up your HVAC system - coils, filters, motors, and fans - can be worn or damaged, which affects your AC system's efficiency. While this is natural for air conditioning systems, needing frequent repairs is a red flag. If repairs and replacements are becoming more frequent, it's often a sign that it would make more financial sense to replace the entire system.

Your AC Unit is Old

If your AC system is more than 10 years old, the technology is likely outdated and far less efficient than modern equipment. Also, after 10 years, most older equipment starts to lose efficiency and have performance issues. Even a well-maintained system wears out after a decade or more of ongoing use. If your system is just too old to perform like it used to, a newer, more efficient heating and cooling system makes sense to consider.

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Atlantis Heating & Air Pro Tip

Regardless of the type or brand of cooling system you have in your home, proper maintenance is essential for operation and efficiency. Make sure each unit is cleaned regularly, worn parts are replaced, and your system is checked annually by a professional. This can greatly help save costs and extend the life of the system.

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Choose Atlantis Heating & Air for Unmatched AC Repair in Folly Beach, SC

When you need a reliable AC repair company that offers high-quality service at a price you can afford, nobody is better suited to serve you than Atlantis Heating & Air. From simple A/C system checks to evaporator coil replacements and everything in between, your comfort and peace of mind is our bread and butter. No tricky fine print. No unnecessary services. Only exceptional A/C repair for your family. Contact our office today to learn more about our company or to schedule a quick and easy evaluation today.


Latest News in Folly Beach, SC

Folly Beach hires engineers to improve traffic plan

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCSC) - The city of Folly Beach has contracted a team of engineers to design a plan for more accessibility on Arctic Avenue, the beachfront road that Center Street runs into.The engineers who were hired by the city are in the initial planning period to find ways to better accommodate all users of what the city says is a busy road.Officials say that includes pedestrians, bicyclists, golf carts and cars.A. Morton Thomas and Associates INC., the contracted firm, is looking to find solutions to what they h...

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCSC) - The city of Folly Beach has contracted a team of engineers to design a plan for more accessibility on Arctic Avenue, the beachfront road that Center Street runs into.

The engineers who were hired by the city are in the initial planning period to find ways to better accommodate all users of what the city says is a busy road.

Officials say that includes pedestrians, bicyclists, golf carts and cars.

A. Morton Thomas and Associates INC., the contracted firm, is looking to find solutions to what they have identified as a crowded area.

South Carolina Program Services Lead and Project Manager Richard Turner says the goal is to find a way to better utilize the space available so that everyone can enjoy it and do so safely.

“You think about Arctic Avenue, and you’ve got parking for the most part up and down both sides of the road, so pedestrians during the summer tend to walk in the road where your automobiles are, or your golf carts, or your bikes are, so they’re all trying to use the same space,” Turner says.

They want more separation between motor vehicles and other forms of transportation, striving to make things flow smoother on the one-way road and decrease traffic incidents.

“We do have a lot of close calls on a daily basis,” Director of Public Works for the city of Folly Beach Eric Lutz said. “We have reports very recently from residents on Arctic that said people are going the wrong way down the street.”

Lutz says it’s a project that is long overdue.

“It is actually something we’ve been talking about for probably 20 years, and it feels good to see that we’re getting close to make something happen,” he said. “It won’t happen overnight; we hope this year we get the plans figured out and get a concept that we can work toward.”

Walking inspections on Arctic Avenue with several experts will start next week to collaborate on ideas for this plan to come.

Turner says they expect to have a public meeting at the end of June to present the community with the different options for this project.

He expects there to be an additional meeting in October or November to nail down a final plan with the public.

“That’s where we will provide a number of options for the citizens to come in and look at and kind of give us feedback on what they like and what they dislike,” Turner said. “That will really help us understand what their desires, needs, or concerns are and how we can best move forward to find the best fit for Folly.”

From there, official plans will be presented to the city at the beginning of 2024.

For more information, click here.

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13 Things To Do In Folly Beach, South Carolina

The spirited island hamlet south of Charleston shakes off mainland sophistication in favor of flip-flops and cash-only dive bars. In This Article It's only twelve miles south of Charleston's historic homes and manicured window boxes, but the salty little town of Folly Beach ditches the Holy City's refinement in favor of an easygo...

The spirited island hamlet south of Charleston shakes off mainland sophistication in favor of flip-flops and cash-only dive bars.

In This Article

It's only twelve miles south of Charleston's historic homes and manicured window boxes, but the salty little town of Folly Beach ditches the Holy City's refinement in favor of an easygoing, barefoot sensibility that feels a bit more California than Carolina. Known to locals as the Edge of America, Folly is everything a beach town should be. Surf shops line the main drag; cover-ups count as appropriate lunch attire; and nobody takes themselves too seriously (they drop a pair of LED-lit flip-flops to celebrate New Year's Eve). Here's where to stay, eat, relax, and play in South Carolina's super chill surf town.

Where to Stay

Every single room at Tides Folly Beach comes with an ocean view. Perched at the end of Center Street, the town's main thoroughfare, the hotel is steps from both the beach and an array of local shops and eateries. For families looking to stretch out a bit more, there are a boatload of rentals to choose from: Opt for ocean-front properties that will sleep a crowd or cozy cottages with marsh and Folly River views. And for people who wouldn't dream of traveling without their four-legged companions, there are plenty of pet-friendly rentals too.

Where to Eat

You won't go hungry on this island. Lost Dog Café is a local staple, serving coffee and all-day breakfast; don't miss the eggs Benedict, which they top with fried green tomatoes. Fish tacos, Vietnamese-inspired lettuce wraps, and Cuban sandwiches all have a place on the colorful menu at Chico Feo, where the vibe is equally colorful. Don't let the easygoing atmosphere fool you: Rita's Seaside Grille is serious about its food...and its cocktails. Try one of the Signature Crushes, fruity sippers with flavored liquors that pack a punch. End the night at Sand Dollar Social Club, a dive bar where you're invited to come as you are, so long as you're a member; membership costs $1, so bring your cash (you won't find a credit card machine here).

Where to Relax

The island's six miles of beachfront are its main attraction, and it'd be easy to while away a week with no plans beyond putting your toes in the sand. Spend a day shelling, sunning, surfing, or searching for shark teeth. Enjoy oceanfront views while lunching at BLU Beach Bar and Grill. At the northern end of Folly Beach, the Morris Island Lighthouse provides a stunning backdrop from the shore. Get a closer look from the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve or via kayak. Several guided tours leave from Folly Beach to visit Morris Island for shelling, photography, and lighthouse history. The historic lighthouse is not open for viewing. How close you can get to the lighthouse depends on the tides.

Where to Play

For those looking to build an action-packed itinerary, there are plenty of activities that highlight the destination's natural beauty: Book a guided kayak tour or rent a stand-up paddleboard to explore the tidal creeks; stop by McKevlin's Surf Shop, South Carolina's oldest surfing outfitter, before catching some of the area's best waves at The Washout; and plan to make a trip with your fishing poles to check out the beloved Folly Beach Pier that has reopened after extensive renovations.

Enjoy A Laid Back Day On The Shores Of Folly Beach, SC

Have you visited Folly Beach, SC? No matter what kind of beach trip you are looking for, you can find it on the barrier islands of Charleston, South Carolina. Folly Beach is your best bet for the perfect mix of relaxing beaches and spots to dine. Folly Island is 18 square miles of sand and sun and offers a beach town vibe just 20 minutes from the tourist attractions of Charleston. This article includes:...

Have you visited Folly Beach, SC? No matter what kind of beach trip you are looking for, you can find it on the barrier islands of Charleston, South Carolina. Folly Beach is your best bet for the perfect mix of relaxing beaches and spots to dine. Folly Island is 18 square miles of sand and sun and offers a beach town vibe just 20 minutes from the tourist attractions of Charleston.

This article includes:Public Beach Access on Folly IslandFolly Island Places to Eat

Take A Trip To Visit More Beaches That Are Located Not Far From The Upstate!

Folly Island On The Coast Of South Carolina

The beaches of the Low Country offer something for everyone when it comes to a beach trip. For a quiet, non-commercialized beach experience, Kiawah Island’s Beach Walker Park is my go-to option. However, if a tourist-heavy, commercialized expertise is what you seek, Isle Of Palms fits the bill.

If a sandy spot somewhere in the middle of both is what you want, then the beaches of Folly Island are perfect. They are family-friendly, quiet, and some access points have restrooms and showers for beachgoers to use. The downtown area of Folly Island offers a funky beach town vibe that’s solidified its place in the history of the SC coast.

Here’s a Great Map of Folly Island To Show The Kids

Where to Stay Near Folly Beach, SC

This Stay 22 Map contains affiliate links that will help you find the perfect place to stay near Folly Beach!

Accessing The Beach On Folly Island

With six miles of shoreline, there’s no shortage of sand to spread out on when visiting Folly Beach. Finding beach access isn’t difficult, but depending on your family’s needs, one access might be more suitable than another.

Located on the southern tip of Folly Island, the county park offers families all of the amenities they might need including showers, restrooms, a seasonal concession stand, seasonal lifeguards, and chair rentals.

The parking fees range from $5-$20, depending on the season, and are $20 on weekends and summer holidays. Park gates are open from 8 am to sunset.

The Folly Beach Ocean Park is located at the end of West Arctic Avenue. It offers beachgoers restroom and shower facilities that are free and open to the public (currently only open during the summer.)

At the end of nearly every block on the island there is a beach access pathway. Some spots include parking if space permits, otherwise you can park streetside.

The further you drive away from the pier, the less the metered parking costs. By quite a bit. If you aren’t trying to be right next to the pier and center street, drive a few miles north to find cheaper meter rates. The parking meter fees can be paid through a kiosk, or with the PARK Folly Beach app.

The centerpiece of Folly Island is the Folly Beach Pier. The pier was recently renovated. Amenities at Folly Beach Pier include the gift shop, restrooms, showers, changing rooms, and wheelchair beach access.

The Pier 101 Restaurant is open Wednesday through Monday, and offers seafood, sandwiches, and more!

Swimming is permitted on the beach that flanks the sides of the pier, however, the undertow can become dangerous near the pier causing unsafe conditions. Also, people throw baited hooks off of that pier looking to catch “a big un”. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer not to be swimming near where people are reeling in jaws.

The parking fees range from $5-$20, depending on the season, and are $20 on weekends and summer holidays. Pier hours vary by season, so be sure to check the park’s site before venturing out.

Places To Eat On Folly Island

There are plenty of spots to choose from when it comes to meals on Folly Island. These are just a few of our favorites when we head out to spend the day on Folly Beach.

Taco BoyAmeri-mex style food with a kid’s menu, and a full bar. Great spot for nachos and margs after a day on the beach.

The Lost Dog Cafe

The perfect spot for breakfast or brunch, The Lost Dog has sandwiches, burgers, breakfast (all day), and more.

Saint James Gate Proper Irish Pub & Three Monkey’s Ice CreamThe menu here has a little bit of everything, including tacos. It’s kid & dog-friendly! Plus they have some delicious dessert options.

The Pineapple HutIf you spend any time on Folly Island, you are bound to see people walking down the street with a pineapple in their hands. This food truck is where it came from, filled with Dole Whip, or one of their weekly special flavors of soft-serve style ice cream. (March through November).

Folly Beach leaders discuss distribution of short-term rental licenses

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) — The City of Folly Beach is trying to figure out who deserves a short-term rental license.City leaders are working on logistics to put a cap in place. There are currently 955 investment short-term rental licenses, but the city has to get that number to 800 after a vote in February.For people wanting a license in the future, Mayor Tim Goodwin said there are a few different options.Read more: ...

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) — The City of Folly Beach is trying to figure out who deserves a short-term rental license.

City leaders are working on logistics to put a cap in place. There are currently 955 investment short-term rental licenses, but the city has to get that number to 800 after a vote in February.

For people wanting a license in the future, Mayor Tim Goodwin said there are a few different options.

Read more: "Isle of Palms residents to decide on capping short-term rental licenses in upcoming vote."

First is the option for an investment short-term rental license random lottery system. Second would be a first come, first serve system. Third is a preferential system -- taking into account certain criteria.

Goodwin said he prefers a hybrid of random and first come, first served.

"I thought everybody who wants to sign up, sign up," Goodwin said. "You do a lottery for the first however many names that is. What your position is on that lottery, and then after that, it's just whoever signs up next in line, you go down the list."

Read more: "New ordinances could affect number of short-term rentals on Folly Beach."

Other city council members said it is dependent on what ordinances are passed first. They believe, in some cases, it's fair to the taxpayers to use preferential considering things like account residency status, residency length, and family relationships.

Short-term rental license owners wanting to pass down their license to an heir or beneficiary are asking the city if it is still possible with the cap.

It's still up for debate, but the mayor proposed an idea.

Read more: "Isle of Palms residents rally for cap on short-term rentals: Referendum to hit upcoming ballot."

"You would get one, but that couldn't go any further," Goodwin said. "That was just one time to your heirs as listed in the control group of family members."

Right now, there are two license options: an owner short-term rental or an investment short-term rental.

The city is considering replacing owner licenses with something called limited short-term rental licenses.

Read more: "Short-term rental regulations in Mount Pleasant could become stricter."

"The people in the community keep saying where's the waitlist? Well, we have to know what you're gonna wait on before we create a waitlist," Goodwin said.

This new category would base a license on the number of nights the property would be rented.

In this new category, properties would be limited to 72 rental nights per year.

Read more: "Folly Beach residents argue whether or not to limit short term rentals."

If they do this, they’d have to go back and look at investment short-term rental licenses to balance things out.

"The references to lowering the cap number is to offset another potential of limited license that would be added, so that is kind of where we are," Goodwin said. "The 800 would go to some other number for unlimited licenses and to accommodate the limited licenses."

Leaders said this new license would be a compromise.

Read more: "Task Force Tackling Short-Term Rentals in Downtown Charleston."

However, many council members saw more cons than pros.

The city council will discuss the waitlist and other ordinances in a special workshop on Jan. 9.


Their goal is to vote before the next business license cycle at the beginning of March.

11 Top-Rated Small Towns In South Carolina

South Carolina, nicknamed the Palmetto State, is known for its warm temperatures, pristine sand beaches, nature parks, festivals, and golf park. Shaped like an inverted triangle, North Carolina bounds it to the North, the Atlantic Ocean...

South Carolina, nicknamed the Palmetto State, is known for its warm temperatures, pristine sand beaches, nature parks, festivals, and golf park. Shaped like an inverted triangle, North Carolina bounds it to the North, the Atlantic Ocean to the Southeast, and Georgia to the Southwest. South Carolina has a unique geography, providing diverse tourist activities, from taking long treks in the state's nature reserves to dining at world-class restaurants with meals that will keep you coming for more.

Along the coastal and mountainous areas of South Carolina are small towns known for outstanding tourist attractions and out-of-this-world meals. Get set to add these top-rated small towns in South Carolina to your travel wishlist.

More in South CarolinaDiscover 8 of the Friendliest Towns in South Carolina

Edisto Island

Edisto is one of the sea islands of South Carolina. This small town is 42 miles from the historic Charleston town, a perfect place to relax and unwind after exploring the historic town. This town offers more than just surfing and kayaking along the Edisto River. There are so many other tourist hotspots in Edisto Island.

Pay a visit to the first true Serpentarium in South Carolina. The Serpentarium is a facility dedicated solely to preserving reptiles in the state. Embark on a fishing trip with the fish Chaterers in the town for some fast-action offshore fishing. You might catch some spot-tail bass or red drums if you are lucky.

One great way to explore this town is by water. Join a boat tour around the Island, exploring every area of Edisto Island surrounding the Ace Basin. You get to see the wildlife of the Island closely during your tour.


The town of York is 27 miles away from Charlotte, North Carolina. York shares its northern boundary with North Carolina, Catawba River to the east, and Broad River to the west. The town has a rich history, with the historic buildings still standing as a representation of the town's glory days.

Visitors can learn more about the town from the local museums like Brattsonsville and the McCelvey Museum. Shoppers are not left behind; get whatever you want or need from Yorkville Marketplace, from gift items to clothes.

Visit the Bush N Vine Farm in York to shop for fresh, in-grown farm produce at a pocket-friendly price. There are several vineyards and wineries like Grapevine Wine Bar and Illumination Wines for wine enthusiasts to explore.


Named after Captain Thomas E. Hart, a man who owned most of the lands in the town. Hartsville, a two-time awardee of the All-America State, is a perfect place to spend your holiday. There are many tourist gems hidden in this small town.

The Kalmia Gardens is a major attraction in Hartsville. On a tour around these gardens, visitors see Captain Thomas's house, widely diverse botanical gardens, and Cypress Swamp. It is 35 acres of nature's goodness.

There are several parks in Hartsville to visit. Lawton Park provides you with a beautiful view of the sun as it sets and meets the lake. Dine at J. Michael’s Grill or Hoof and Hound, some of the finest restaurants in town, from barbecue to sushi; every meal on the menu warms your heart and lights up your soul.


Set on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the small town of Clemson. It is home to the popular Clemson University. The town locals and college students have built a tightly knit bond, and in 2015, the Princeton Review named the town #1 in the US for “Town and Gown” relations with its resident university.

There is so much to see and do in this small town, from historic sites to recreational activities; you get to have a first-hand experience of all this town has to offer. The town is flooded with museums, each telling its own story. The Clemson College Barn is the oldest building associated with agriculture. Other historic museums include the Forthill Museum, Hanover House, etc.

Pass through Clemson’s experimental forests to access Lake Hartwell. The 17,500 acres of forest land offer several recreational activities, from hiking to bird watching.


Fondly called the “Queen of the Carolina Sea Islands,” Beaufort is a beautiful town and the second oldest town in South Carolina. The town has a rich cultural history and is known for its Southern hospitality. Named by National Geographic Adventure as one of the “Top 50 Adventure Towns,” Beaufort has no dull moments.

Take home a piece of every Beaufort location in a photograph. The Beaufort Photography tour guides visitors around the beautiful town, helping them capture every moment with their camera so they are constantly reminded of their experience in Beaufort.

Go on a boat cruise along the Beaufort Waterways to catch the wild dolphins in action and discover some remote beaches that are perfect for meditation and group bonding.

Travelers Rest

Travelers Rest is in Greenville County, South Carolina. The town has a Southern hospitality charm, making everybody feel at home. The town is steaming with tourists all year round. From exploring the downtown area to engaging with the great outdoors, there is always something to entertain the crowd.

The Downtown of Travelers Rest is always bursting with activities. Visitors witness the level of hard work and craftsmanship business people in this town put into their work. Shopping is one way to support the community. From beautiful handcrafted memorabilia to locally made dresses, there is a lot you can get at the stores Downtown.

Take a picture inside Campbell's covered bridge before embarking on an adventure to explore the great outdoors. From hiking through the town’s Park Trails to kayaking down the surrounding rivers, visitors are sure to have a swirl time in Travelers Rest.

Kiawah Island

Kiawah is a barrier Island 25 miles away from Charleston. This town is known for its pristine beaches, world-class golf course, and amazing wildlife. Get a view of the amazing wildlife on this island, from Bobcats to Ospreys. Kiawah Island is home to diverse wildlife.

Enjoy the stroll around the Kiawah beach. A better way to explore this small Island town is by biking on the beautifully paved biking trails. On your bike, you are privileged to explore areas of the island you can not explore on foot or with a car.

Are you a fan of golf and tennis? Visit the world-class golf courses and tennis resorts on the Island, like The Ocean Course, Osprey Golf Course, or Cougar Point Golf Course. You can also spend time surfing, kayaking, fishing, and shelling on the Island waters.

Folly Beach

Folly Beach is a small town on Folly Island. The town is 11 miles from Downtown Charleston and is called the “Edge of America” by locals. The town is famous for its amazing surfing spots.

In the migration season, you can spot the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale along the coastline. This beach town offers more than just an amazing surfing experience. The town is littered with gift shops, restaurants, and bars.

Folly Beach is always alive with festivals all year round. Some popular festivals in Folly Beach are Tastes Folly, Sea and Sand Festival, and Bill Murray Polar Plunge.


Named after the South Carolina Railroad President, Williams Aiken, Aiken is a small town with a southern charm. The town was named the “Best Town of the South” by Southern Living. The Aiken Arboretum Trail is a hidden gem in this small town that keeps attracting nature lovers to see the diverse tree species available.

Shop for farm produce at Aiken's farmers' market, from tomatoes to baked food. Explore the fine dining options in town, from steaks to stuffed potatoes. Every meal on the menu is sure to leave you wanting more. Shop for clothes and antiques at the local antique shops and boutiques downtown or view artworks by local artists at Aikens Art Center.

Isle of Palms

Isle of Palms is a barrier island in South Carolina, known for its beach, beautiful waterfront view, world-class golf course, and local restaurants. The Isle of Palms Beaches is a major tourist attraction. Tourists enjoy sunbathing by the seashore in front of the crystal-clear waterfront. The sandy shoreline is perfect for building sand castles, every child’s dream come true.

Enjoy the beautiful wildlife on the Isle of Palms on a tour organized by Barrier Island Eco Tours. The tour takes you around the salt marshes, tidal creek, and intercoastalways. On the tour, you get to see the Bottlenose Dolphins, Loggerhead Turtles, and other wildlife.

Hilton Head Island

Hilton Head Island was named after Captain William Hilton, who identified it in 1663 at the entrance of the Port Royal Entrance. It is a popular vacation spot for tourists. In 2004, an estimated number of 2.25 million visitors contributed to the town’s economy.

Hilton Head Island is perfect for family getaway vacations. Enjoy quality family time playing family games and building sand castles on any of the beaches on the Island. The water around this Island is perfect for kayaking, fishing, and surfing.

Take a guided tour around the historical spots of this historic town with Hilton Head History Tours. Endless activities await you, from shopping to trying out the amazing cuisine served in the restaurants in town or on the beachside.

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South Carolina, known for its southern hospitality, is a tourist favorite because of its warm and humid climate. This state is bounded on the Southeast by the Atlantic Ocean, and an array of small towns litter its coastline. Enjoy climbing mountain trails and surfing against the sea waves while in these small towns. This guide will ensure you have fun at top tourist attractions when you visit these top-rated small towns in South Carolina. Pack your bags and visit these southern beauties today.


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